How to Choose Invisalign Clear or Metal Braces for Teens

For teens in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida, these are the years when the dentist first introduced braces. Consider Invisalign clear aligners if your teen needs orthodontics to straighten their teeth. Determine whether metal braces or clear plastic aligners are the right option for your teenager at Richards & Associates Orthodontics.

Metal Braces for Teens

Metal braces are the standard type of orthodontics used to straighten teeth for teens. The teen years are the preferred time of life for realigning teeth. This is when a teenager forms their adult bones, including having all their adult teeth.

Metal braces involve cementing metal brackets to the front of teeth. Rubber bands move teeth and separate them as the teen wears the braces. Typically, braces are worn for about two years before they are removed and are only needed once in a person’s lifetime.

Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign for teenagers is an excellent alternative to metal braces for several reasons. Metal braces are permanently affixed to your teen’s teeth, which could cause damage if the brackets are broken off during treatment. Invisalign does not contain any metal that could poke or be abrasive to the inside of your child’s mouth.

Benefits of Clear Aligners for Teens

In addition, Invisalign is a clear retainer that aligns teeth with minimal changes to their appearance. You cannot tell the teen is wearing Invisalign compared to metal braces.

If your teen has confidence issues or wants to avoid being bullied for wearing braces, Invisalign clear aligners are a less noticeable method of straightening teeth.

Take Your Teen to the Orthodontist in FL Today

Now is the ideal time to see if your teen qualifies for orthodontics in Cape Coral or Fort Myers, FL. Contact us at 239-458-2002 to see if your teen is a candidate for orthodontics at Richards & Associates Orthodontics.

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