The Benefits of Wearing a Palatal Expander

Dr. John Richards may recommend that you or your child wear a palatal expander in Fort Meyers, FL, or Cape Coral, FL, for a variety of reasons related to widening the upper jaw. Although the treatment is more common in children because the two halves of their palate don’t fuse until around age 12, adults can benefit from a palatal expander as well. Dr. Roberts may recommend wearing the device anywhere from a few weeks to one year, depending on the severity of your orthodontic issues.

Typical Reasons to Wear a Palatal Expander

If you have a crossbite, it means that your upper and lower jaws don’t align properly. The palatal expander widens your upper jaw to enable it to line up better with the lower jaw. Proper jaw alignment is important to ensure that you can properly care for your teeth. Aligning the two jaws also gives you a more symmetrical smile.

Impacted Teeth

If a tooth is trying to break through the gums and it doesn’t have enough room to do so, it becomes impacted and can cause you significant discomfort. Widening your upper jaw allows the tooth to come in naturally without any further treatments.

Overcrowded Teeth

Dr. Richards often recommends a palatal expander while a patient is wearing braces for orthodontic treatment. Expanding your jaw helps your upper teeth move easier and can reduce the time you need to wear braces or clear aligners.

Ready to Learn More About Palatal Expanders?

Palatal expanders in Fort Meyers, FL, or Cape Coral, FL, can make a big difference to your oral health, especially when used in conjunction with orthodontia. We invite you to schedule an appointment at the Richards & Associates Orthodontics dental practice nearest you to learn more about this highly effective device.

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